Off Season Is A Prime Time To Dial In Your Nutrition

by Coach Tammy Coplien

What are your plans for the off season?
Are you ready to take your training, racing and overall health to another level?

'Tis the offseason - a time to work on your technique in swimming, biking and running, your strength and flexibility.   It is also an ideal time to work on your nutrition -  to train your body to start burning fat for energy which will result in a number of benefits in not only your training and racing but in your overall health.   This way of eating will train your body to be Metabolically Efficient (ME) and involves a nutritional lifestyle that teaches your body to burn fat as a fuel source.   It is not a short term diet but a lifestyle change involving a change in what you eat and in what proportions.  Eating this way has profound benefits for everyone, not just athletes.  It improves cholesterol levels, decreases the risk of developing diabetes, and can help prevent or manage other chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, etc.   Stabilizing your blood sugar also prevents extreme fluctuations in energy, increases your overall energy, improves concentration and improves mood.  Oh, and it also reduces body weight and body fat and given our long Winter, what an ideal time to add this to your off season training.  For athletes ME has a performance effect as well by virtually eliminating GI distress (nausea, vomiting, bloating, diarrhea) in endurance athletes by reducing the amount of carbohydrates needed per hour of exercise.  It does this by training the body to use fat for energy, especially at higher intensities, and not using up the limited carbohydrate stores one has resulting in bonking or needing to eat frequently, often in the form of simple sugar, to keep replenishing these stores, then ending up with abdominal pain, bloating, nausea or vomiting.

ME does not require perfection nor deprivation.  It requires consistency and following the 90/10 rule.  Stay on track with a proper ME plan 90% of the time and allow yourself to have a “miss” the other 10% of the time. We are human. We work and train hard and want to enjoy some cheese curds or a beer now and then, and you can.   What it involves is making a decision to contribute to your health and training in another way and to another level.    Just like your other training it will take preparation, execution and commitment,  but over time will take less concentrative thought and become second nature.  This is an ideal time to make this decision, to learn more about Metabolic Efficiency, having your current nutrition analyzed and then having a nutritional plan developed specifically for you.  It you are ready to take your training, racing and overall health to another level, schedule a consult with me and we will work together to get you on a more metabolically efficient path to feeling and performing better!

Jessica Laufenberg