With your SMART goal setting in play, use your CHARM to achieve success along the way


Last month I talked about SMART goal setting.  These guidelines for goal setting have been around for a long time and for the most part they are great. They make sure your goals are not too broad. They make sure you can actually tell if you achieve your goals. They make sure your goals aren't too hard or too easy and also make sure you have enough time to achieve them.   So what is next?   Achieving them and using your CHARM to achieve them. Over the years as I have worked with athletes of different levels, I came up with this acronym to help my athletes stay on task, as well as myself as their coach.


C – Consistent action:   You need to DO something to achieve a goal and these actions require consistency in order to make changes over time.  If you find that you are feeling overwhelmed then break your goal down into smaller goals.  This will allow you to plug away at each step along the way with consistent action and not let those feelings paralyze you.

H – Honesty:  You need to be honest with yourself on many levels; when making a SMART goal and deciding if it is realistic and achievable, when doing your workouts/following the plan or being honest with your coach about your training: what you are actually doing or not doing and why.  You will be successful if you stay true to yourself and your goal.

A – Accountability:  Tell someone about your goal; have someone to report to regularly.  Having this to hold you accountable lessens the chance of being dishonest with yourself or get off track for too long.  Don’t see this as being watched or punished; see it as an opportunity for support and feedback, for feeling that you are not all alone in this quest and as a motivator for consistent action.

R – Re-evaluating and modifying:  Regularly re-evaluate your goal and monitor your progress.  Be willing to modify your goal if unforeseeable circumstances arise or if you come to the realization that your goal is too much right now and needs to be broken down into smaller goals .  Set yourself up for success, not failure!

M – Motivation:  This is inner driving force that drives your effort and moves you toward your goal.   It is the WHY of your goal:  Why is this goal important to me and how does this goal reflect my values?   How committed am I toward achieving this goal?  Do I believe this goal is truly achievable?  Have a heart to heart talk with yourself to answer these questions from the beginning when making your goals.   Ones motivation to change or achieve something is ultimately driven from within and understanding this from the beginning by answering these questions will help you get through those rough times andmaintain consistent action.

Remember, what you get by achieving your goal is not as important as what you become by achieving your goal.    So use your SMARTs and CHARM and dreams can become reality.

Jessica Laufenberg