Off Season Events


This time of year is the off season for most athletes in Wisconsin, but despite that, SBR gets very busy in the month of February with multiple events.  On three back-to-back weekends we host a 24-hour Winter Cycling Relay Challenge (WCRC), a collegiate sprint triathlon and an age group sprint triathlon (Winter Wonderland Triathlon).  The WCRC has seven teams entered, and each team has someone riding each hour for the full 24 hours.  The Winter Wonderland Triathlon consists of a 750m indoor pool swim, a 20km bike ride on the CompuTrainers at SBR, and a 5km outdoor run.

Besides the fact that these specific events are great fundraisers, off-season events in general can serve multiple purposes for your individual training and athletic development.  (Each year the WCRC event works with a partner charity. Our partner this year for the WCRC is the Wisconsin Bike Fed. The Winter Wonderland Triathlon each year raises funds for the UW Triathlon Team to travel to Collegiate Nationals).

1. Motivation to continue working through the winter months.  The off season can be a time where the purpose and specific components of training are often different from in-season work, but that doesn’t mean there should be lots of time spent totally off.  Having events to do during this time can help to fend off the temptation to procrastinate during this time.

2. Short term goals or fitness checks.  The body can’t physically be at peak fitness year round, and as an athlete, you shouldn’t expect it to be.  The goal of off-season events shouldn’t be to always hit PRs, but they can serve as short term, or stepping stone goals along the path toward your goals for the upcoming season.  They are good check-in points to see how things are going, which can help you to determine how your body is responding to your training.

3. Fun community events.  In contrast to the frequent summer events that bring many in the fitness community together on a regular basis, often the winter months are spent in lonely, somewhat isolated training to prepare for the season ahead.  The events that do occur during the winter are great for bringing the fitness community together.

The off-season is also a great time to increase your knowledge base in order to help prepare for future training and/or competition.  At SBR, we are holding a few seminars this month on learning how to use your power devices and learning about recovering properly from training.  More information can be found here-

At SBR, we would love to help you make the most of your off-season.  Please contact us if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can do for you!

Jessica Laufenberg