proper form and movement patterns are the foundation of athletics. our motto is you can't build a castle on sand. if your foundation is weak and unformed, then it will not handle the training load you are wanting to do.
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swimming stroke assessment

Swimming can be one of the most frightening disciplines to a triathlete. The fear of your face in the water or just having to swim in open water for the first time can make spiders crawl up and down your spine! When taught some basics techniques and keys about the water, swimming can be very enjoyable, and not a chore. 

The coaches at SBR Coaching believe in teaching balanced, slippery and fluent motion in the water. We want you to learn how to swim without frustration and wasting your time concentrating on the wrong things.

See yourself swim, while you swim, while we video you! 

The swim stroke evaluation is 60 minutes including a mini-swim clinic, water swim time, video analysis and corrective exercise/drill prescription. 

Email us to make an appointment and coordinate a time to meet at the Verona High School pool.

$90 for the first session
$50 for each follow-up session

If you are a triathlete joining us for one on one coaching, you are required to have a swim assessment. Do the complete package for the swim, bike and run evaluation for $475 (regular itemized price is $585).

bicycle fitting and evaluation 

Often times, cyclists are unaware of how a poor fit can negatively impact performance and comfort.

At SBR, fit is the crucial first step in what we call a complete bike solution. Instead of figuring out how you fit aboard any bike, we determine to the millimeter a complete bike that will work best under your specific fit coordinates. This includes bike frame size, proper seat post, stem, handlebars, crank arm, and more.

We team up with our in-house bike shop and fit studio to provide the best bike fit in the area. Click here to read about the bike fit experience you will have with us. All bike services and fitting are currently completed with our in-house bike shop,

If you are a triathlete joining us for one on one coaching, you are required to have a bike fit. Do the complete package for the swim, bike and run evaluation for $475 (regular itemized price is $585).

running form evaluation

Proper running form is essential to running success. Skills learned for running can improve your time, create an efficient running body, alleviate an injury, and prevent any injury from occurring. 

A run evaluation session will teach you proper running mechanics, correct posture and balance. Muscle balance is also crucial for running, and this evaluation will give you the corrective exercises for creating a muscularly balanced body. Running could not be any easier!

The running gait assessment will begin with a static view of your body structural in relation to your bones and muscles. Any imbalances in a a static posture will only be accentuated while moving.  Next, toss the running shoes on and spend a few minutes on the treadmill. Your running gait pattern will be video recorded. 

After all of this is collected, you will be provided as needed new running form, cadence retraining, corrective action and exercises, and posture retraining. You will go home with homework and a new plan of action to get your running form on track, or recover from an injury.  A follow-up is always included.

$195 for the initial session of approximately 60 minutes, with a 30 minute follow-up included to be completed within 45 days.

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If you are a triathlete joining us for one on one coaching, you are required to have a run form evaluation. Do the complete package for the swim, bike and run evaluation for $475 (regular itemized price is $585).


metabolic efficiency & nutrition consulting
are you nutritionally and metabolically efficient?

Metabolic testing can help endurance athletes of all levels. Our comprehensive services include evaluating your current fitness level all the way to creating a targeted, effective training and nutrition plan for performance and improvement. 

The more efficient we are at burning fat, the more we can preserve our carbohydrate stores. At any given time, we have approximately 50,000-80,000 calories of fat ready to provide long-sustaining energy. At the same time, we only have approximately 1,500 calories of stored fat. If our glycogen stores are depleted quickly, then we need to replenish them, which can cause an endurance athlete to have to consume a lot of calories while training to keep moving. This can lead to digestive issues, and many other problems. 

Becoming metabolically efficient is becoming more important than training for a lot of athletes, as you want to improve your body's ability to burn fat as a fuel source, and not start tapping into carbohydrates and depleting your precious stores. 

Sitting down for a consultation to determine your daily and nutritional caloric needs along with the right macronutrient plan can elevate your training and racing.

Besides improved training and using fat as a primary fuel source, you will reap the benefits of not bonking, improved body composition and body weight, stabilized blood sugar levels and an overall improved blood lipid profile.

Your initial consult is $99.  Follow-up consults are $50/30 minutes.
To schedule email Coach Tammy Coplien at tammy @ sbrcoaching dot com.