Proper form and movement patterns are the foundation of athletics.
Our motto is you can't build a castle on sand.
If your foundation is weak and unformed, then it will not handle the training
load you are wanting to do.
See one of us for an evaluation at any time. 
We are available for any and all athletes who are self-coached,
coached with other coaches or are coached with us. 
Start your training off right!

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swimming stroke assessment

Swimming can be one of the most frightening disciplines to a triathlete. The fear of your face in the water or just having to swim in open water for the first time can make spiders crawl up and down your spine! When taught some basics techniques and
keys about the water, swimming can be very enjoyable, and not a chore. 
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static bicycle assessment & 
pedal stroke analysis

Often times, cyclists are unaware of how a poor fit can negatively impact performance and comfort.

As part of your initial evaluation package as a new coached athlete, you will meet with your coach for a 1-hour static bike fit session and pedal stroke analysis.  

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running form evaluation

Proper running form is essential to running success. Skills learned for running can improve your time, create an efficient running body, alleviate an injury, and prevent any injury from occurring. 

A run evaluation session will teach you proper running mechanics, correct posture and balance. Muscle balance is also crucial for running, and this evaluation will give you the corrective exercises for creating a muscularly balanced body. Running could not be any easier!

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