jeanne & steve Hunter


Provide a little background info about yourself.

Jeanne – I never considered myself an athlete, although I have always been active in the outdoors. I ran a few 5/10Ks in my early 20’s then had kids…3 in 2 years…and ran a few miles here and there when I could fit it in. I was encouraged by some other moms on the sideline of a soccer field to join them in training for a half marathon, then came marathons. I was volunteering at Ironman Wisconsin with high schoolers during one of the early years of IMWI, and found myself crying at the finish line and knowing I had to do one.
Steve – My background as a runner and biker was very occasional going back to college and beyond.  Due to a basketball injury I pretty much quit running and spent more time coaching youth sports and hunting and fishing than thinking about training.

How long have you been affiliated with SBR?

Jeanne - I was in SBR’s very first PBC class – 4 of us on static trainers.  And I loved it.  I have been involved with SBR in some way since that class in 2006 – PBC every year, open water swimming when Ironman training, a running class which led me to a marathon PR, and some one-on-one coaching.
Steve – I think I started riding with SBR about 5 years ago.  We had been doing a spin class at the Y but after the first year it went steadily downhill in quality.

Why did you join SBR? Why have you stayed?

Jeanne - PBC is a blast, it keeps me in good bike shape during the winter, and I ride much harder than I would if I were on a trainer in my basement. I love the camaraderie. Training with a group is both fun and motivating; and I need the focus of coached workout. 
Steve – I started riding again because I was tired of sitting around putting on 15 pounds every winter and then hoping I would lose it all during the summer.  Riding at the Y helped me not to gain as much weight but riding at SBR led me to actually losing weight in the winter!  Shortly after starting at SBR I was
diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which gave me even more of an
incentive to be active.  With thehelp of biking I was able to get
my A1C under control and I stopped taking insulin after 90 days!

What is your favorite class, service, or event with SBR?

Jeanne – see above ;-)  PBC.  I also love the OWS workout where IM veterans get to help the first timers in training with “course simulation.”
Steve – I only do bike classes.  I do PBC in the mornings and I also do the Saturday ride.

Jeanne & Steve - THE COFFEE!!!!

What sport do you primarily participate in?

Jeanne – I have done 5 Ironmans. My current endurance sport of choice is trail running, with my longest event thus far a 40-miler. I am a runner at heart, and I love being in the woods, so trail running is natural.

What is your favorite part about training with SBR?

Jeanne & Steve  –  We love that PBC is something we do together, along with the camaraderie of PBC classes and the variety of people that we have met over the years.

What are your training and/or racing goals this year?

Jeanne – I would like to do a 50-mile and/or 100K trail run this year.
Steve – I don’t do “events,” my goal is to stay healthy.

What is something interesting about yourself that people might not know?

Jeanne & Steve – we will be married 30 years in June! We have 3 sons, 2 beautiful daughters-in-law, and one amazing granddaughter, along with 2 dogs and 2 grand-dogs.
Jeanne – the other thing I must say is that Steve has been wonderfully supportive in my endurance training and events, can’t imagine having done all those without him. Family means so much, they have all been great - one of my sons drove out to Lake Placid with me. My kids have kayaked and boated near me while open water swimming (they may have also thrown a fishing line in the water while doing so), met me at aid stations in the middle of the woods, too many stories to tell.