mali gaber, bs, sdpt

Mali Gaber is a coach at SBR Endurance Performance Center.

Her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and movement is a key asset to the SBR Coaching team. She received her Bachelors from UW-Madison in Kinesiology, and is currently studying in the doctor of Physical Therapy program here at UW.

She first got involved in the sport during college with the UW Triathlon Team. Since then, she has dabbled in all distances from sprint to full Ironman. She values the challenge of both short and long course! Career highlights include 3x USAT All American Honors, 2015 Midwest Collegiate Triathlon Conference Champion, and qualifying for multiple amateur World Championship events.

Mali enjoys working with the diversity of athletes at SBR and guiding individuals to achieve their personal best. Her favorite aspect of SBR is how it brings a variety of endurance and multisport enthusiasts together!

Fun Fact! In 2014, she first walked in the doors at SBR as the inaugural recipient of the T.R.A.S.H. Scholarship offered by SBR. 

Mali works with all levels of athletes to help them achieve their goals.

Coach Mali can be reached at mali at sbrcoaching dot com.