martha laugen


Martha has been a competitive rower for over 24 years, and a coach and trainer since 1998.

She holds a Master's degree in Public Health with a concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences, coaching certification from US Rowing, and is a Certified Concept 2 Instructor with UCanRow2.

Martha has raced at several national and international regattas, earning victories and medals at Boston's Head of the Charles Regatta, US Masters Nationals, and several midwestern regional sprint and head races.

With a lifelong interest in promoting healthy lifestyles, Martha has worked in clinical research as well as intervention and advocacy programs focused on wellness, activity promotion and healthy body weight, including work at Massachusetts General Hospital's obesity treatment clinic.

While rowing is her favorite active endeavor, since moving to Madison, Martha has fed a growing addiction to bicycling both competitively and now as her primary mode of transit. Her favorite bike courses to race are winding gravel or the most direct route to breakfast on a bike camping trip.

Given her relatively small stature - for an elite rower that is - Martha earns her keep on the crew by training a highly technical focus in her own rowing. She applies that same technical eye for detail to coaching, realizing that a subtle change in habit or movement efficiency can often revolutionize an athlete's approach to their training or reveal a new competitive edge.

Past athletes and clients of Martha's have gone on to represent Team USA as part of the Junior or U23 National Rowing teams. Others have achieved more personal victories: an explosive edge that allowed them to PR at their local charity race, transformational weight loss or simply finding joy in daily physical activity and training.

Prior to joining the SBR team, Martha coached athletes at the Harbor Athletic Club, the Mendota Rowing Club and both the University of Minnesota and UW Madison novice rowing teams.