Registration for 2020 will open spring.
Details from 2019 below….

Is 2019 your first year of dedicated swimming? Or have you swum so long that you've sprouted gills and fins? Whatever your experience and objectives, SBR can provide safe, effective training to improve your performance in open water. Continue reading here for our regular open water swim practices held 4 times per week. 

SBR's open water swim practices (OWS) are professionally coached sessions that incorporate specific workout objectives, education and training for open water swimming. As an athlete, you will be given specific individual coaching to help you achieve your goals. Group instruction topics include water safety, race strategy and proper form. 

The OWS program offers maximum flexibility in scheduling. 17 weeks with four sessions per week available allows you to have nearly unlimited swim training opportunities. Safety is a key topic of instruction. The OWS program covers stroke analysis, sighting and breathing techniques. You will have individual instruction with form critique.

Early morning and mid-morning OWS classes will be held in the initial week of OWS at Vilas Beach or Law Park (Fireman's Park in Verona is under renovation). Fireman’s Park is estimated to open June 21st and we will return there until mid to late July and then move to Law Park by Monona Terrace, pending water quality. 

Our OWS program emphasizes:

  • education about safety in open water

  • development of efficient swim technique

  • proper mechanics for injure-free swimming

  • navigation in open water

  • entry and exit strategies for open water racing

  • race preparation and tactics such as drafting, pacing and safety

  • training the mind for open water through motivation and relaxation

  • advice on proper open water equipment for training and racing

  • the fun and joy of swimming

Dates, time and locations - 2019 summer starts May 13th -September 6th.

  • Tuesdays - 9am - Fireman's Park, Verona

  • Wednesdays - 6am - Fireman's Park, Verona

  • Thursdays - 9am - Fireman's Park, Verona

  • Fridays - 6am - Fireman's Park, Verona

Four sessions per week with flexibility to attend any practice - UNLIMITED USAGE

Early bird pricing until March 31, 2019

If you pay monthly-
Single discipline (swim, bike or run)- $95 1x/wk or $125 2+x/wk
Unlimited access all three disciplines- $300/mo

If you pay in full for all four months-
Each discipline (swim, bike or run)- $299 1x/wk or $415 2+x/wk
Unlimited access all three disciplines- $1150

1:1 coached athletes- $65/mo for single discipline or $150/mo for all three

Registration is available on MINDBODY

How to register:

  • Go to MINDBODY

  • Click the ONLINE STORE folder in the upper right.

  • Choose what SUMMER practice option you are looking for from the drop down menu.

  • Pay for practices (if purchasing monthly, the price you purchase your first month at will secure that price for the summer

  • If you prefer to pay via cash or check, you may do so in person at SBR.