SESSIONS all-year round


Registration for Fall Session 1 (beginning in October) is open.

Schedule is online now for registration at VASD

The Coaches at SBR take a scientific approach to coaching and training for swimming. We believe in providing knowledge, motivation, confidence and support for athletes who want to improve their athletic abilities. Swimming is much like golf, it's all about proper technique and efficiency to complete the skill well and injury free.  Our main goal is quality versus quantity. We keep our class sizes low so our coach to athlete ratio is in good balance to spend individual time with each athlete.

We don't like calling our swim practices Masters Class. We want to encourage any/all levels to join us. Trust us, at any level, you will get the workout and attention you need. We will be on deck working with each of you individually as you complete a swim workout to help you reach your potential.  You will learn the basics of swimming, how to improve your skills and become a solid, powerful and efficient swimmer.  

This program is built for the swimmer who is looking for stroke technique, yet put in the yardage for their training.  The goal is for each swimmer to get the most out any time spent in the pool. Confidence is built with having proper attention from a coach, and workouts to help you reach new levels.

Dates and times - Tuesdays/Thursdays 6am at the Verona High School Natatorium starting October 29, 2019 (ending 12/19). January 2019 starts session 2.  Mid-March 2019 starts Session 3. June 2020 starts session 4.

Information and registration is currently completed at the Verona High School Natatorium. Click here for information.