phil krejci


Provide a little background info about yourself

Cycling captivated me on my very first training ride.  A high school sophomore, I began training with a good friend for an epic late spring ride from my home in Chicago “all the way to Lake Geneva”.  Once I recovered, I realized I found a whole new sense of freedom, fresh air and accomplishment.  That was 1972!  Since then I logged over 100,000 very memorable miles.  As for the rest of my existence, I’ve been married to my exceptionally supportive wife Sue for 36 years and am retired after a long, enjoyable and rewarding career in environmental engineering.

How long have you been affiliated with SBR?

I started with SBR in July of 2013 (shortly after I DNF’d the HHH - a good of example of my results when, for a short while, I tried to be my own coach! - see next question)

Why did you join SBR? Why have you stayed?

I am a strong believer in the value that dedicated experts can bring to just about anything.  That principle led to many successes in my engineering work. So when I began to seriously tackle challenge rides it never occurred to me not to seek the help of expert coaches.

What is your favorite class, service, or event with SBR?

The personal, one on one coaching - and talking to Peter about bikes at Rocket Bikes.

What sport do you primarily participate in?


What is your favorite part about training with SBR?

The coaches really are dedicated and really do have a ton of knowledge - and for a very reasonable additional fee they even laugh at my jokes….well most of time anyway.

What are your training and/or racing goals this year?

HHH 200K - this year, no Pugsley, no tandem- just my cool new Alchemy and hopefully a strong finish.

What is something interesting about yourself that people might not know?

Most people know I am a retired engineer.  But I also studied art and photography and, over the years, occasionally moonlighted as a photographer and illustrator.  I am currently working on illustrations for a series of articles on aviation and radio pioneer Zeh Bouck.  You will probably have to Google that.