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Run coaching will provide you with the high quality run training sessions that are specific to your goals and distance. Running may seem to be the simplest of sports, however it is one of the hardest sports on the body physically. We want to ensure you stay injury free, run with precise form, see results and hit your goals. 

Run coaching with an SBR coach includes a personalized training schedule, flexibility, nutrition planning, race strategy and monthly meetings. 

For coaching a season-at-a-glace is created so you and your coach know "where you are going". Then the coach creates your workouts a week at a time and builds as you go to get you to your goal. Your continuous feedback helps your coach plan for you the next week. Uploading of workouts allows us to dial our training in based on your current fitness. You will only get workouts from your coach. There is nothing cookie-cutter or cut/pasted from other pre-planned workouts. This is where the art of coaching comes into play - how to form the right training around you. 

Workouts are loaded up onto TrainingPeaks online, where you can download your workouts and upload what you have accomplished for your coach to see. 

You have full access to your coach at any time via email, phone or in person. Your coach will make sure you are ready for you training and racing. We believe monthly meetings are a priority to make sure you are on track. We have integrated one monthly face-to-face meeting as a part of your coaching experience. 

Before run coaching begins a running gait assessment must be complete. Please go to our evaluation page for more details.

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Cost for run coaching with Coach Bill Martin
$210 per month
Pay three months or more in advance, save $10 per month