small group coaching

All our small group practices provide you with skill, technique, education and guidance. We keep our practices and classes small so we can spend as much personal time as possible with each athlete. See what we have to offer for swimming, biking, running and triathlon small group training.



SBR offers swimming year round in the pool and summer time at the open water. Enhancing your swim stroke is the key to calmness in the water and a quick swim split. Click here to see how we can make swimming a great experience.


SBR offers year round cycling coaching in small group format. During the winter months all our cycling occurs on our well-designed CompuTrainer studio which gives you a unique experience and opportunity to improve your skills and fitness. During the summer we head out to the great outdoors with focused cycling workouts that leaves no one behind. Click here to see how our small group coached classes and practices can help you!




Running is one of the easiest sports to do to stay fit yet can be one of the toughest on the body. Our small group run practices run during the months that allows us decent weather outside. Each practice provides skill and an individualized training session that stays in line with your own goals. Click here to see what our program entails.