coaching for the loop pursuit triathlon
Sunday, August 12, 2018


50 miles total
.8 mile swim
39.2 mile bike
10 mile run


SBR is your coaching and training go-to for the inaugural
The Loop Pursuit Triathlon this coming August, 2018.

For brand new athletes to SBR, we are offering a 50% discount for athletes registered for the Loop Pursuit. Your discount applies to:

  • pre or post race consultations for race planning
  • pre or post race analysis
  • a one time purchase of up to 3 months of 1:1 coaching

What you need to know to use this unique offer:

  • All services would need to be purchased before the end of August 2018, however the 1:1 coaching can start anytime from date of purchase and must begin to be used by January 1, 2019.
  • Must be a brand new 1:1 athlete to SBR Endurance Performance Center.
  • Discount not available to current SBR athletes who currently coach 1:1 or have received 1:1 coaching in the past.
  • Must show proof of registration for The Loop Pursuit Triathlon. 
  • Email Coach Bill at bill @ sbrcoaching dot com.